Finland Immigration & Citizenship Program

Situated in Europe and bordered by Russia, Sweden, Norway, and Estonia, the nation of Finland is another possible choice for foreign investors seeking to relocate to a different country and diversify their portfolio. Though sometimes overlooked due to its larger neighbors, Finland is the eighth-largest country in Europe and has one of the highest national rankings for per capita income, education, quality of life, and economic competitiveness in the world, making the country a great option for potential investors.

How to Become a Finnish Resident.

For purposes of Finnish immigration opportunities, foreign investors qualify for a visa based upon self-employment. Self-employed foreign nationals are required to have a resident permit in order to conduct their business activities in the country. A foreign national will qualify as a self-employed worker if the individual personally owns his/her commercial enterprise or if the individual us a general partner in a limited partnership.

Are you Interested in Applying for Finland Residency Visa?

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