Germany Marriage/Fiance Visa

Marriages are made in heaven – some might agree, some might not. However, people fall in love and decide to get married despite their religious differences, skin color, age difference, or country they are coming from. Sometimes not the cultural differences, but passport differences make marriage complicated. Once the multinational couple has decided where to settle down, the residence permit question is arising. In order not to turn happy moments into the routine process of document collecting, ask experts of PVS Document Clearing Services Solutions for advice. Our professional staff helps to obtain a Germany Marriage / Fiance visa for Dubai citizens.

Marriage visa not only allows entering the country for 90 days in order to get married, but it is also the first stage of obtaining a residence permit. An important requirement for a marriage visa applicant is a basic knowledge of German language, which has to be proved by the certificate The Goethe-Zertifikat A1: Start Deutsch 1. All documents such as evidence to prove that previous marriage is ended (in case the applicant is divorced or widowed), birth certificate, medical certificate, and certification of eligibility to marry must be translated to the German language.

After all necessary documents are submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, an interview will be held. During the interview, the German language will be checked and the final verdict will be announced. It is easy and comfortable to apply for a fiancé visa to Germany with the Company PVS Document Clearing Services Solutions.

Looking for Immigration Consultant for your Marriage Visa Germany?

Our expert team of consultants will assist in making the visa application process smooth, wherein we will walk that extra mile for you. For more details on how to quickly process your Germany Marriage Visa, contact our consultants to assist you with all the necessary documentation.