Poland Immigration & Citizenship Program

Residency & Citizenship program allowing Visa-Free Access to more than 161 Countries. Residence permits within 6-8 months. Both Company incorporation and work permit options are available. Citizenship Application is after 5 Years of residency.


1-  Number (7) – in Europe in Population means Big Market Size (About 40 Million Population).
2- Strategic Location between Nine Big Countries like Germany, Austria, Russia, and Ukraine.
3- Freedom of movement in the other Member States’ territories.
4- Strategic Partnership with Germany & German Companies like BMW-Motorolla & Kadboury.
5- Contains the Largest Port in Europe.
6- Low Cost of living with high Quality of life (Less than 500 Euro/Month).
7- Free education includes universities with high European standard
8- Child support benefits, pension, invalidity pension, free medical care.
9- EU Blue Card – The directive establishes more attractive conditions for third-country workers to take up highly qualified employment.

Are You Looking For Poland Citizenship Program?

PVS Document Clearing Services consultants assist you in assessing your qualification for the Poland Immigration & Citizenship Program visa and work through the entire processing system, assuring you of a stress-free application procedure.