Spain Immigration & Citizenship Program

Golden Visa/Permanent Residency Permit allowing Visa-Free Access to 170 Countries with a Program starting from €500,000 through Real Estate Investment. Citizenship Application is after 10 Years of Residency (183 Days per Year).

The Golden Visa program in Spain

The following types of investments qualify for this type of residence permit:
  • capital investment under the form of a deposit of 1 million euros in a Spanish bank account for at least 5 years;
  • capital investment of at least 1 million euros under the form of shares in one or more local companies;
  • capital investment worth a minimum of 2 million euros in Treasury bonds.
  • Real estate: purchasing a property with a minimum value of 500,000 euros prior to making the application.
  • Entrepreneurship: opening a business or starting an entrepreneurial project that is of general interest.
  • Highly qualified professionals: individuals who are experts or considered highly qualified in a certain business sector.
  • Educational and research: for foreigners who engage in research or educational activities in Spain.
  • Intra-company moves: for professionals who are transferred within the same company that is also present on the Spanish market.

Are You Looking For Spain Citizenship Program?

PVS Document Clearing Services consultants assist you in assessing your qualification for the Spain Immigration & Citizenship Program visa and work through the entire processing system, assuring you of a stress-free application procedure.