Tier 1 Entrepreneur

Tier 1 Entrepreneur UK | You must have access to at least £200,000 investment funds to apply for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur UK.

Your funds must be:

  • held in 1 or more regulated financial institutions
  • free to spend (‘disposable’) on business in the UK

There are different eligibility requirements depending on whether you have access to £200,000.

You must also:

  • meet the English Language Requirement
  • be able to support yourself during your stay
  • score 95 points –

You can apply for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur UK if you have access to £200,000 in investment funds and you can prove that the money is either:

  • your own
  • made available to you by other people (‘third parties’) – eg a husband, wife, partner or investor
  • in a joint account with your spouse or partner but only if they aren’t applying for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur UK visa

You can use funds invested in a business that you’ve set up in the UK while under a different immigration category – the funds will need to have been invested no earlier than 12 months before your Tier 1 Entrepreneur UK application.

Are you Interested in Applying for Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa?

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